Retreating - can troops do it?

  • As troops can only move 1, can they retreat after engaging combat?

    and if they can, they could also retreat in another adjacent territory than the one they come from?


    they come from territory A…

    they attack territory B…

    they retreat territory C??? (adjacent to territory B and friendly)

  • Troops can retreat, BUT only to an area which contributed units to the attack, and all units must retreat to the same area. So if units in A attack B. Then they can retreat only to A. If units from A and B attack C. Then they can all retreat to either A or B, but not both.

  • Yeah, I think that’s right except for Amphibious Assaults where troops cannot retreat except for planes.

  • It depends in what edition. In second edition planes also cant retreat from amphibious assaults.

  • Well usually I stick with 3rd Edition rules, which are better in my opinion. The only rule I didn’t like about 3rd was no more naval blockades! That ruined my IC in Western Europe strategy to hold up Allied ports.

  • You can still basically blockade the enemy ports. For example, as Japan I put a battleship and 2 subs on NE Pacific and the US couldnt do anything about it. At the end of their turn they placed a carrier there but my subs took it out easily. It’s basically a naval blockade if you can get enough naval forces there to ensure that the enemy cant destroy your forces.

  • The Japan isn’t the main problem. With a decent size Navy (2 hit BB’s hopefully) after Pearl Habor and maybe a buildup of some supporting ships (a few subs or destroyers), the Japanese can hold WUSA at bay even without blockading. However, it’s the German I’m more worried about only having subs and maybe a carrier to contend with).

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