• Thanks, TG! 🙂

    I’ve been experimenting with a couple of different options but I can’t seem to make it work in conjunction w/ an effective Pearl Harbor (a big problem). I think a minimum force that might be useful to Germany is either 2 BBs or a CV and at least 1 FTR + any possible support craft (thus 1/2 of the “starting fleet”). If anybody can figure a reliable way to do a P.H. and this as well it’d be really cool. Only other way I can figure is to take Australia T1 (w/ 1 INF from Philippines, 1 from Borneo, 1 TR from Philippines, 1 CV fron Solomons, 1 FTR from Solomons & 1 BB from Solomons w/ the Carolines SUB for defense). This is a pretty hefty force for a T2 invasion of India–possibly TOO much, and this lets the USA fleet withdraw into the Atlantic undamaged if such is their want. I guess the theory is that the real battleground is in Europe/Africa (in the Allied-Germany pileup) so it’s better if Japan moves her attack forces there early rather than in Asia where she will presumably dominate. Plan definitely needs some work, but I think w/ some tweaking it could be workable…

    Of course, German ownership of the Suez is a MUST!

    I played this scenario 1nce and it worked, next time the Suez was blocked and the plan was thwarted–watch out!


  • Hmmm… yeah, the finding the perfect balance is always key. However, I think the best case for a two pronged offensive is if the Pearl Harbor invasion is based on sea, leaving the 1 CV (w/ 1 ftr) free to support Germany’s role in the Suez. By doing so, I suggest to sending 2 BB’s, 1 sub, 1 ftr (launched off the CV, lands back at Wake) under these conditions, I will win 96% of the time. Though I will probably lose the sub and trns (35% chance). I will probably lose the counterattack, though I won’t think the American will press his luck by then shifting to a Japan first strat (which will actually be helpful to you 😉)

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