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World Cup!!!

  • Hey, this is urgent! heh heh heh… Who are all of you supporting in the world cup?! I’m in Holland, but since the dutch can’t play football and didn’t make it through, I’m supporting Brazil!

    Anyone see the game today with Brazil and Costa Rica? 5-2… How lovely :razz:

    Anyways, Peace:
    -Jim The Psychotic One

  • Nope. Haven’t been keepin’a close i on da games. Enjoyed hearing that Sierra Leone beat France in their first game. What a shock! The Newby beat the returning World Cup chumps, 1-0. YEAH! What else is happenin’?
    I did catch a game of European NFL Football. Rhein Fire v. Scottish Claymores(sp.?). It was a good game the first three quarters. Then RF did thir thing and put da game away. - Xi

  • I’ve had 20$ on England for months now.

  • JIM YOU FOOL, what u doin on here? You stick to your ‘archspace’ msg boards…

    (he’s my brother…and not a good one at that)

  • Man, the world cup is great… Brazil wins a bit too much though for my taste, I would love to see someone like England or Japan win. Also, I love how the Brits in Japan were gettin arrested when the World Cup began because of how rowdy they were=p

  • go Canada!!!

    oh, whoops. I forgot.
    we suck.
    maybe i should start a hockey post . . . .
    But i gotta’ admit, i’m starting to get drawn in to the world cup thing a little (this despite being a north american . . . ).

  • I’m Canadian at heart, but I tell ya, England has this one.

  • Sierra Leone!? Isn’t that a part of France!? But they get beat by third world Senegal, which is kinda sad considering they won the cup last year. But you should’ve seen the celebration in Senegal, the President declared it a National Holiday and rode around in the country a top a pickup truck with a Soccer Ball in his hands!

    Anyways, I don’t think England will make it very far, though they probably will make it into the second round in my opinion. But along with Japan, Mexico, and Korea (over here in LA at least), they do have some of the biggest fans.

    Personally, I think the World Cup will be decided between the two greats, Brazil and Italy. But Mexico is just dominating their group, so it might be Brazil and Mexico in the Cup (if my grouping is correct)… Oh yeah, go USA! Make us proud! 😄

  • Sierra Leon is a west African country 😄

  • sorry, must’ve of been thinking of Lorraine.
    😄 But sure it wasn’t Sierra that lost.

  • I would like to say that America AND France AND Argentina are ALL officially out of the World Cup! WOOP! For you England lover’s, their next match is vs. Denmark, so there should be no troubles there.

    Anyone know who Brazil plays next, lost my timetable :razz:

  • Yeah, kinda sucks :sad:

    But my hats of to Mexco and Brazil. They’re tearing everybody apart.

  • the US are still in …. where do you get your information from?

  • The statistics, they are out!

  • Stupid other anonymous person, the USA is still in, they have 4 points, and came second in their pool!

  • That’s what I thought. USA and Mexico play tomarrow for the second round. I always expect this to be a good one. It will determine once and for all who is a better country. Want USA to win, though my money is on Mexico.

  • I want USA outta there personally, cuz Mexico IS the better team there… But all of that is irelevant… Brazil plays vs. Belgium on moday, and that’s a simple win…

    GO Brazil GO!

  • i don’t consider anything in the world cup as easy wins.
    Italy nad Brazil are last 2 of 5 Top teams, with France, Portugal and Argentina on their way home. Suddenly Spain, England and Germany look pretty good again…

  • Spain was ALWAYS good my friend. England is in because they ARE playing easy teams, as for Germany, they won’t win their next match…

    Mexico is looking good is waht you mean to say F_alk! No one would have seen them making it through the first pool, but they have. They will make it far I think…

    Bottom line - No one beats Brazil :razz:

  • Hey, hey, hey this is gonna be Mexico’s third straight time reaching the second round so I wouldn’t underestimate them. I think that Brazil is going to take it all the way (you have to respect their soccer program), though Italy is a good challenger.

    Put whom I really want to win? Senegal. Strujer Ek Hadji Diouf (21) s one of the most talent players out there, and it would be nice to see a lower third world country beat all of these “developed countries.” Those Senegals have a lot of heart (evident after they beat France). Plus, when’s the last time Africa won a world cup.

    Oh, one more time, GO USA! 😁

  • congrats to Senegal on advancing to the next round.

  • Who knows, with luck they have a good chance of making it in the semifinals.

  • Some stats:
    (1)No african team ever won the world cup (or even made it to the finals).
    (2)Even spain was always good, they only once achieved any major international title (1964, european champion).
    (3)England’s gone through the group with Sweden, Argentina and Nigeria, not what i call an easy group. They had some luck though, but that’s what’s it all about.
    (4)Germany is going to go for it’s 14th quarterfinal in its 15th world cup.
    (5)Up to now, Mexico never qualified for a semifinal. The US on the other hand qualified once for a semifinal (in 1930 though g).
    (6) have a look @

    [ This Message was edited by: F_alk on 2002-06-16 21:21 ]

  • @TG:

    Sierra Leone!? Isn’t that a part of France!? But they get beat by third world Senegal, which is kinda sad considering they won the cup last year. But you should’ve seen the celebration in Senegal, the President declared it a National Holiday and rode around in the country a top a pickup truck with a Soccer Ball in his hands!

    T 6,
    Yeah! My Goof. I Knew it was ona dem S African kuntrys. Jest tryin ta sho off mi edykashun. I’m glad he could selabreat. I din’t know Steven Senagal was a third wirld kuntry all to hisself. It must be ruff!
    "I larn sumtin knew evry day! " - Xi

  • @Yanny:

    Sierra Leon is a west African country 😄

    I knwe dat. I wint to collage wiht a pre-mad Sahara Leonian. He slept 3 ours a nite an studyd da rest o da time. Fer fun an xersize he played soccer wiht 5 other Afrikans n me.
    “Da wirld is a mazin place to be a humin bean!” - Xi

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