Yanny, Anon Diatribe Postings

  • Y Dude,
    Somebody is going ‘POLITICAL’ on da site. You responded to one in Homeland Security… and there’s another in the Drugs string. May be others, too. thought yud wanna no.

    Move dis postin ifn ya wanna. I guess I coulda put it in da webite discussion section. - Xi

  • No Comment, aka I know something you don’t know 😃 Theres a reason why the person is Anon.

  • ok Yanny, you saying that just made me cuirios. so who is he/her some one from the Foroms? or maybe it’s you?
    your prolly good at keeping a secret. so i’ll leve it at that.

  • (mwaa ha ha, my prank is goin great. Thanks for keepin the secret Yanny)

  • Yes

  • On 2002-06-12 04:50, Yanny wrote:

    Yes, to which post? m_p or C’s? You @$*%^#!
    “What’s up, Chief?” - Name the two(2) programs that this phrase regularly occured in. For all the bonus points in the universe and THE OPPORTUNITY TO NEVER SEE ANY OF THESE TV/MOVIE QUOTES AGAIN - NAME THE USUAL SPEAKERS AND THE USUAL TARGETS OF THE ABOVE QUERRY.

  • It aint me, I’m the Anti-Libertarian 😄

    But I respect this person’s opinion. This board is open to political conversations.

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