No attack between Russia and Japan

  • Since Russia did not declare war on Japan untill 1945, after the first atomic bomb, what about reflecting some of this in A&A? I was thinking of not allowing Russia and Japan to attack each other for some number of rounds. I also wouldn’t allow Russia to liberate territories taken by Japan. Although I see it favoring the Allies it could bring some unexpected twists with the US having to spend more on home defence. What are your thoughts?

  • it DEFINTIELY helps the allies. just about the only way for the axis to win is to hold africa and have germany stay strong on defense and maybe attack russia a little, and then have japan mop up asia( and eventually moscow ) and go for the IPC victory. that would defienitely tilt the scales WAY towards the allies; the game would be over before it even started.

  • I played a game once with Russia unable to attack on the first turn and Japan and Russia not at war. Russia was only able to attack Japan if Germany was defeated and for Japan to attack Russia they had to capture Sinkiang, China, India, and Australia. It didn’t really seem to even things up too much for the Axis as it eliminated any realistic chance for an IPC victory.

  • exactly, it just makes it that much easier for the allies to win. russia dosent have to worry about japan for awhile, so they can use even more of their troops in germnay.

  • You could do something like Japan can roll ( like a free tech roll ), to be allowed to attack, while russia must pay for this kind of roll.

    Maybe you have to change the chances, like to 2 or 3 in 6, though.

  • I was also contemplating (while not doing the work I am supposed to be doing :-? ) with a rule like this, one may want to raise the values of the pacific island? Making them essential objectives for the US to keep the Axis from economic victory. My objective was to find some way to make the US be much more active in the Pacific.

  • it would be nice if the US was somehow forced to spend some of their IPC’s in the pacific, b/c they always just use all of their $ to build stuff to take out germany.

  • Axis and ALlies is not a celebration of WW2 realistically, it is a celebration of the craziness of a world war

  • yeah, it’s not the most realistic game, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun

  • I aggree with Yourbuttocks also (boy did I have a hard time typing that with a strait face :lol: ) It isn’t that I’m after things to be more realistic as much as adding more options to players stratagies. But I do love it when six armor attack three infantry and the armor gets obliterated. That can really change your stratagy.

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