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5 player game

  • On 2002-06-11 16:28, Yanny wrote:
    Actually, BBs are repaired at the end of the turn in AAE/AAP.

    hmmm… it does seem to say that… but we’ve assumed that it meant the end of a player’s turn, not a full game turn… in AAE/AAP it’s almost a moot point… although i suppose if it could come up if attacking a once submerged sub or newly placed unints while your ally is still in the sea zone… actually, as the axis start the game turn in both AAE/AAP, only once submerged subs would be an issue… or multiple attacks on an axis navy… sorry, i’m babbling - just thinking out loud…
    we should perhaps agree on timing before play…

  • 2019 Moderator

    Also, I could use that setup you had in our game Cameron. As for timing I expect this to be a rather slow game an it realy doesn’t mater much to me, although I understand if some are concerned.

    By the way Dicey will e-mail the results of every roll to all five players.

  • You people better be posting updates of the game every once in awhile! (cuz I’d like to know how it progresses 😄)

  • i meant the timing of the BB repairs. will we do it at end of player turn or game turn…

  • I don’t know, in a lot of ways, I’m much more familiar with BBs never repairing (as in the CD-Rom version of the game). 2-hit BBs are already an advantage so self-repairing BBs almost make these behemoths unbalanced. Oh well, better stop ranting, self-repairing BBs are actually an advantage for the Axis! 😉

  • 2019 Moderator

    Well, as for my BBs I don’t mind eather way. :razz:

  • “i meant the timing of the BB repairs. will we do it at end of player turn or game turn…”

    The best way that I use to seperate between player turns and game turns is to use “turns” to represent player turns and “rounds” to represent game turns. Guess the designers never thought of it.

  • TG Moses VI, are you getting my e-mails?

  • You sent? Koo, I’ll check it first thing! I’ll be sure the replay!

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