• Anybody out there in the Bay area? San Jose? I’d love to find someone local to play instead of always online… it’s just not the same w/out the board all set up, a six pack of beer, and then realizing you’re out of beer and need more cuz your game’s goin on 4 hours… 😄 Lemme know if yer local! poobaloo@hotmail.com

  • Ha haven’t seen you for awhile 😄

    Anyways, I live in Southern California and I travel to the Bay Area a lot (good restaurants). I have been to San Jose, but I really on travel there about one every six months.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I’m from the bay area.

    We might be able to use the cafeteria after hours at my office to play. Sometimes there are various “user group” meetings here at night.

    Keep nagging me to check on this if you don’t hear anything within a few days.

  • Wow, are there really that few A&A gamers in the bay area?
    What about other war games? Civilization?
    Speak up! Game on!

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