• What will you do to protect the german med. fleet long enough?

    I know it is nearly impossible to protect the fleet forever. How Long at most in your experience can you protect the med. fleet?

  • keep fighters in germany to attack an royal navy, they can defend the med as well.

    my med fleet is threatened by that one stupid brit sub, but usually you can not be threatened by it too much.

  • Usually the best way to protect your fleet is to build an expensive carrier. If you can protect it for port for one turn and then land planes on it, you have an unstoppable fleet

  • In my experience I can only really depend on my navy being around for a couple of turns, after that the RAF gets it. Sometimes I only have a navy for one turn, it might just be luck, but it’s happened.

  • how to protect the mediterrainan fleet !

    In general (IMHO) it consists of 2 transports and a battleship.

    it can be attacked from air or in a naval battle. And its properly going to be the english there is doing it.

    Now if the english brings in a fleet in range of the mediterainen fleet, they are in range too. This is the best option to take out an english atlantic fleet and not have to sacrifice the whole german airforce. So unless germany have misplaced his fighters on the eastfront, this option is not the danger before an allied fleet is strong enough to defend it self.

    Defending the german fleet against airstrikes, is a matter of staying in safety for as long as posible. Sometimes moving away (landing troops) in second last round, and moving back in last landing troops in libya, and then say goodbye to the fleet.

    But to prolong its lifetime it can be necassary taking gibraltar to keep the planes from the atlantic side from having landing spots. This can either be done with the fleet (if the seazone is safe ),a single transport or by opening spain.

    But the worst danger comes from the east front, where a gathering of allied fighters in caucas/ukraine backed by bombers in rusia is in range of the meditarrainan fleet.
    Now if in a playing posistion where germany can and will retake ukraine and take cacasus , and thus getting the fighters out of distance, the german fleet might run to safety. If there is a safe seazone anywhere to run to, and if there is not gathered a bomberforce in russia.
    But in most cases its just to face the fact that the fleet is soon to be gone , and getting the best out of it.

    with regards

  • The only way I’ve found is to take great care not to take unnecessary risks with the fleet and to make the Allies CHOOSE between sinking the fleet and performing some other equally pressing action. Having a few ships GREATLY helps–try building 2 TR and a sub along w/ the BB. In the event of a “suicide sttack” becoming necessary, the sub may be good for a couple hits, and if the Allies do attack, you might be able to lose a sub and a TR and save 1 TR for the next turn. Backing up the BB never hurts: while your fleet will never be very strong in reality, you can often intimidate the Allies just by having a ship capable of scoring 1 reliable hit every round of combat backed up by a few “cannon-fodder”.

    Above all, don’t get too attached to the fleet: build it up, cherish every moment you get to spend with it–but when and if it is sunk, don’t let this get you down. Have a reliable plan ready for this event!


  • Is Gib an important place to take in order to protect the med fleet long enough?

  • Gibraltar is very rarely important to take.
    But it happends, that taking it can get you a round or 2 more, with the german fleet able to loading troops to africa. Timing and predicting(reading ? )the game a few rounds ahead is very important, to spot the situation where gibraltar is crucical to take.

    And as ozone says, its often a matter of forcing the allies into tough decissions, there gets the fleet some more time.

    A particular case to look for is when the german fleet can be bait for the allies atlantic fleet.

    Imagine early in the game

    If moving the german fleet to the west mediterainan zea (and taking gibraltar) cuts of the english airforces landing spot. Then there is only the atlantic fleet (including one carriers with 2 fighters and some transports) to get you.

    And basicly this could mean 2 rounds where troops from the states doesn’t reach europa because the fleet has to get back into position. this could be the 2 rounds the axis need.

    What to look for here also is, what if the allied fleet have to split to get the german fleet. It might be that the english carrier doesn’t have its ovn transports to back up the attack. Or it might be an american carier leaving the allied fleet split in 2 in next german turn. Or it might be an english carrier with american fighters on creating the same situation. Ideal for a german airstrike.

    If this move is made and the allies doesn’t take the bait, the situation is that the german fleet and luftwaffe have the best shot they ever get at an atlantic fleet. And this shoot might be the one bying the time germany needs on the eastern front.
    Because if germany doesn’t loose its airforce the allies needs more fleet build up than a couple of transport.

    So the taking of gibraltar has its moments. But it’s a rare case.

    hope this was a little usefull

  • Oh- I forgot to give my oppinion on why Gibraltar is rarely important to take.

    It comes down to the ways to take it.

    1. the whole fleet is in most cases not safe there when doing it.
    2. a sole transport - well thats 1 transport lost and this leaves you (in my gaming experiance) with 1 transport with the battle ship- this german fleet does not have the same strength and flexibility. So the time you buys from taking gibraltar is of what use?
    3. opening Spain to get gibraltar is taking 2 rounds (and is therefore often to slov or not reliable) and is doing the allies a favor, if they are going to open an western front.


  • I agree, Gibraltar is in most cases not worth taking. It’s risky because it places you within striking distance. It’s not worth any IPCs, making causing you to divert troops that would otherwise be used to push through Africa. Plus if UK manages to land planes there, it makes it easier for you to strike back with half the IPC loss.

  • It depends on your circumstances. If you decide (as Germany) to move your fleet to the Western Med for any reason, taking Gibraltar is a good idea if you haven’t already. Sometimes if I have a couple spare subs, I’ll move the fleet to the Western Med so the next turn they can hit the Atlantic in a number of locations while the fleet retreats back to Central Med–in this event, control of Gibraltar is essential. Basically, I see taking Gibraltar as a defensive measure in anticipation of Allied air attacks: its all part of a strategy of taking and holding control of the Mediterranean.

    Again, just my $0.02.


  • really your med. fleet aint really that inportant only 4 a few turns with the transport you can drop a tank on russian teritory and bring it back but really the allies wouldnt sacrafice sh*ts to come after you they would leave englist waters becuase if they do you can counter attack with japan and put your japnaese fleet in kerilia waters first go and then into england the next and then that stop england building ships and if you got english waters allies aint getting that back any much time soon am really not botherd about my german fleet after i own kerilia after i have enuogh to put all my german force on kerilia,

  • If the allies are going all out Germany than
    they might have some difficulty going after
    the fleet. However, If they are going after
    the fleet and it is a priority to the allies
    than they are sacrificing “GOING ALL OUT
    AGAINST GERMANY”. Therefore they had better
    have a different plan than trying to knock Germany out quick. If the Americans and Russians are the only ones attacking the mainland of Germany than the Germans can hold out long enough for Japan to crush the
    Russians. If the allies objective is to knock
    the German fleet out so that they can capture
    Africa then they are playing a long drawn
    out game. Which means that a quick strike
    on the Fatherland by the Russians and Americans will fail. All three allied powers
    can only smash Germany if they ALL go after
    the heartland. What other things is your
    opponent doing? Maybe he isn’t going all
    out against Germany he could be doing something completely different. I eagerly
    await your response……


  • It is a waste of time, neurons and money to try to protect the German fleet, try to keep it alive, of course, but don’t let it overshadow your main objective … creating a strong Europe until Japan comes to help.

    Africa is important, but not that much, so don’t shuck too many men there.

    Once the fleet is threatened beyond hope, try to move it through the Suez canal … go to Madagascar … round South Africa … and with a bit of luck, you might even reach Brazil … alternitavely hope to damage the RAF as much as possible before you go down.

  • What I like to do, if the fleet somehow manages to hang around more than a couple of turns (you need at least 2 turns worth of additional INF in Africa), is park it in the WMed SZ AFTER the USUK make their landing in Africa. We play with 2 hit BBs, this may be useless without that, as the BB doesn’t represent nearly as much strength when a single hit will take it down…

    From WMedSZ, you’re with striking distance of the UK fleet. The UK has to choose:
    Divert their fleet to deal with yours, or let you come at them next turn… If they come after your fleet, unless they’re landing INF into Spain, that’s 1 turn’s worth of INF you don’t have to deal with in Europe.
    Divide their fleet, leaving hordes of transports in the UKSZ without their precious carrier to protect them. Sure, there may be a BB there, but that only takes 1 shot per round…
    Wait and let you come at them with the fleet… If they do that, you come at them next turn with the Med BB & TRN and ALL of your air force. You’ll lose the BB, TRN, and probably a plane or 2, but you should be able to take out a handful of TRNs… With really bad German dice or excellent USUK dice, this is suicide, but its worked out well for me in the past, with what I consider to be fairly average dice…

    If you can come in with 5 ftr, 1 bmb, the BB, and the tran (assuming 10 TRN, 1 CV, 2 FIT on CV, and retreating remaining air when there are 2 or fewer TRNs left):
    60% chance of killing 8+ transports.
    73% chance of killing 7+ transports.
    85% chance of killing 6 + transports.

    You should have 1 or 2 FIT left 48% of the time.

    At this stage in the game, I would consider that a fairly even trade… The UK player should be strapped for cash, so they’ll probably elect to kill off US TRNs first. This means another “burp” in the US supply of INF to Europe. You should find time during that burp to build another FIT or 2 without sacrificing defense. It should also open things up a bit for Japan on the Russian front…

    If you’re playing the Axis alone, you can plan ahead for this by swinging JAP 4 FIT, 1 BMB over to EEu the turn before, and they can finish off the remains of the fleet. They’ll likely lose most of their airforce as well, but the rewards are great Assuming that there are 4 TRNs left after Germany’s attack, (all UK), they will likely not build any additional transports (can’t do that AND fill them). With Japan 1 BMB, 4 FIT, there is a 80% chance that they will wipe out ALL of the transports. 33% of the time, 2 or more of their planes will survive, and 51% of the time, one or more will…

    At this point it the game, Japan can most easily afford to replace their planes, and Germany has bought itself enough time to rebuild SOME of their planes… The Allies are decimated. The UK will be unable to produce sufficient TRNs to pose a threat to Germany for a couple of turns. The US can afford to rebuild, but only if they allow the supply liine “burp”.

    I suppose that the truly forward thinking German would add a sub to the mix, building it in time to get it into position in WMedSz with the BB and TRN. If you could drop 2 in, things could be truly awful for the Allies, as you should come out with most of your airforce intact (although I think I’d lose 2 FITs before I lost the subs… No chance to shoot back is nice when the subs hit…

    With the sub you have a 75% chance of killing 8+ TRNs with 1 + fighters left. 56% chance of doing so with 3+ fighters…

    Alright, somebody correct my #s for me…

  • what about leaving it put, and building a transport turn 1. kill the med uk bb with sub and air.
    this works, but you have to be careful not to send too much into africa or away from eastern europe…

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