• Hi.

    On page 10 of the rule it says:

    “The attacking naval units may only retreat back to an adjacent friendly sea zone from which any of the attacking naval units came. (…) The attacking units may not retreat to a sea zone that contains an enemy unit, even if they came from that sea zone at the start of the turn.”

    Example: At the start of its turn, a British battleship is together with a German sub in a sea zone. The battleship moves one zone to fight against German battleship. After the British ship was hit, it wants to retreat, but in its starting sea zone is the enemy sub.

    What’s next? Is the British battleship not allowed to retreat in this example and does the fight against the German battleship continues until one ship is destroyed? Or may the British ship retreat to any other adjacent sea zone with no enemy ships around? (If there is no such zone, does this automatically mean that the fight has to continue?)

    How knows how to handle the situation?

    I’m looking forward for your opinions.



  • the battleships must fight it out, unless the british attacked with units form another sea zone that doesn’t contain any enemy units. I am, of course, assuming the submarine cannot be submerged at this point.

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