What looks different between 1st and 2nd edition?

  • Other than the rules of the game, I was wondering if anything looked different between the 1st edition game and the 2nd. Is the gameboard, pieces, and box art the same?

  • i’m really not sure… i have 2nd edition and so does everybody i know that has the game. i’ve never seen the 1st edition game before.

  • HUGE rule change from 1st to second:

    Commander-in-cheif rule:
    An allied commander may use allied peices in an attack (i.e. Russia can use UK peices in Karlea to attack Ukrane). 1st edition only, eliminated because of the complete unfairness, but it was very historically accurate (D-Day was really D-Day)

    Land rule:
    Sea zone and land zone are THE SAME (i.e. 3 BBs could take WEu from germanby and hold it). VERY strange rule, I’m glad they got rid of it. 1st edition only.

    That’s all I know about it.

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