A&A europe and pacific adjustments

  • i hate A&A europe and pacific is kinda crummy and it’s seems like a lot of people on this site agree with me.does anybody have any ideas that you think could improve ethir of the games.

  • Still looking for the Avalon hill new rules for both games. Will post as soon as I find.

  • decrease the number of units to start with might help, in that way each unit increases its importance and makes the russian battles in europe more interesting as well as the naval battles in pacific (no delaying using ships, etc.).

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  • I’ve contemplated instituting some sort of winter rule in Axis and Allies Europe that kind of simulates the historic invasion of Russia. For example, designate the amount of turns needed for Germany to take Russia say around 5-7. If Germany doesn’t capture Moscow and hold it and Berlin with in the designated turns needed, then Germany can not make any attacks against Russia on the Eastern Front for three turns. Germany can still purchase stuff and send it east and can still conduct naval attacks. I’ve never tried it but it could allow for more of an interesting game and allows Russia to rebound and make its own attacks. It also creates more time for the British and US to prepare for D-Day.

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    I think if you changed th victory conditions to Gemrmany capture two capitals and then reduce the Military of Russia it would help.
    The main reason Germany hits Russia so hard is because they don’t have to defend Western Europe.

  • I do know the rules by Avalon hill for AAE involved Vps. Germany gets Vps for every Industrial Complex it has. It also adds a Trans-Jorden IC, limited production on it.

  • somehow increasing the importance of the war in the atlantic would make things more intresting. germany can pretty much ignore Britain and america in AAE.

  • maybe removing some german armor from the initial setup will help as well as removing some russian defences, in that way german progress in russia will go slower and the atlantic will become gradually more important.

  • Found the rules.



    Here’s a variation to the IC in France that was explored a few months back. If you are looking for a new approach to the game, try this out. Personally I find it a lot of fun.


    Add ‘limited build’ ICs to France (German) and Trans-Jordan (UK). These can only produce units equal to their IPC value.
    Allied Win Conditions: The same. Take and hold Germany for one round of play.
    German Win Conditions: Germany gets 1 VP for every HOME factory (IC) she controls and 1 VP per IPC value of foreign held factories. So, holding Leningrad or Stalingrad also gives Germany 1 VP but taking the UK gives Germany 6 VP. Germany starts with 3 VP for her three home factories (France, Germany Northern Italy). Germany wins if, at the end of the US turn, she has 7 VP.
    Unlike AAP, VPs do NOT carry over turn to turn. They are added up at the end of the US turn. If Germany has 7 or more, she wins. If she has 6 or lower, the game continues.

    Note that this is just something to keep the game fresh for hard-core players, not an official variant or proposed rule change.

  • thanks for the replies.i liked the idea of making germany take 2 capitals for a7a europe althoulgh it might make the game a bit lopsided.

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