• Hi, I have just taken intrest to table top games and I am interested in ww2. Would this be to complicated for me,14,or do you think i would enjoy it?

  • 14 is a great age to start playing A&A. it’s not too complicated depending on your group of friends etc. - actually, it’s quite easy to pick up initially. By the time you’ve become more comfortable with the game, you can discern more easily how to deal with more complicated strategies and rules’ nuances.

  • Now all I have to do is get my mom online to order it. This could take a while. 😞

  • it’s definitely not too complicated. i’m 14 and its my favorite game 🙂 . it’s not very complicated, i learned 2 years ago and i thought it was pretty easy even then

  • Thanks for your replys. Hope my friends like it as much as I think I will.
    If not I will be all alone. 😢

  • Well, Axisandallies isn’t a table top game. Table top games are like Warhammer 40,000.

    But its a great game! I would definately get it if I were you.

  • Guest i’m 14 and i enjoying the Axis and Allies. Yes sure i didn’t understand the rule at the beginning but with some practice i got it! It always fun beating your dad!! :lol:

  • yeah, i kno it’s always fun to crush your dad. even the first time i ever played i beat him :lol:

  • Good News!!!
    I got my mom to order it and its on its way!
    I should be playing next week. 😄 😄 😄

  • if you haven’t played before, i would suggest that you try to be the axis in your first game, as they usually win the first few games in beginner games b/c the allies haven’t perfected working together, and the germans can take moscow easily if the russian player has no idea what he’s doing. if you are japan, then try to run wild on the mainland, maybe building a complex in manchuria by turn 3 or 4 (depending on how well you’ve done against india and china) to pump out tanks to take into russia. if you’re the allies, get ur allies to focus on taking out germany and africa first, and then japan second, and russia should buy all infantry, beacuse they are great on defense and can attack well if there are enough of them.

  • ITS HERE!!! Dang it I hate opening punching out the figures!

  • yeah, it takes awhile to do that. the most annoying game ever to get the pieces out for is diplomacy. it took me at leats like half an hour just to get all the pieces out.

  • Half an Hour :lol:

  • how long did it take you to get out all the diplomacy pieces?

  • those little things must have been designed to make you go nuts

  • I dont have diplo I’m just laughing at how much time it took.

  • did u play A&A yet?

  • No, I have to wait until I can get my friends all over to my house or one of thiers. 😞

  • try to play it tonight, its friday

  • guest, have you had a chance to play it yet? i feel sorry for you if you haven’t… a week is WAY too long to have to wait to play A&A right after you bought it

  • Yes, I have played but I havent finished a game because it was just me and one friend after school. Also we played once at my friend’s house but my friends friend didnt want to play and my other friend spilt the american peices on the floor and screwed up the board just after we got it set up. :evil: I am hoping we can play a good game this weekend after we go paintballing. I like the game and know the rules now but damn spilling the peices just after we set up and explained the rules. I cant have people over to my house right now because of renovation so it’s hard to get everyone over to someone elses house. :roll:

  • oh man thats too bad…. what type of paintball gun do you have? i have a Tippmann 98, but i haven’t paintballed since may 😢 , so i’m a little rusty

  • I have a modified spyder e-99, I had a new expansion chamber and feed tube put on. I also have this awsome lazer sight that doen’t use batteries.
    We when paintballing yesterday, had fun. In the last game my friend had to go and when he got up he was 5 feet away on the other side of some bushes. :lol:

  • i have this totally awesome paintball place kinda near my house its SO SWEET. this one course theres a river, and one team has to get the flag on the other side of the river, and the other team has to defend. the course is huge, so most of my team ( 20 people) went down the river to try to flank them, and 5 people along with me stayed in these 3 towers on our side of the river to protect the flag. i looked up, and their whole team came out of this house and starting running for the river. i’m in this 20 foot tall tower, and me and 5 other people are mowing down these 30 people trying to cross the river it was SO AWESOME!!! it reminded me of the beggining of “Saving Private Ryan” where they run out of the water and the germans in the tall pillbox are just mowing down the guys in the boat/water/beach. that was the greatest paintball game i ever played. if any of you don’t play paintball, then play it as soon as you possibly can!!!

  • Wow, that sounds really cool. We have a place in our neighborhood that isnt a park we just play there. It has about a square mile of forest and an empty feild that has drainage ponds to hide in. The forest is moderatly wooded and has lots of underbrush, great cover! I play with 5 friends out there but 1 of them has a really crappy gun and another has an ok gun. Its usually 2v2 so to speak. We have a big park nearbye because a lot of kids at my school play paintball, but I only play there ever so often. Its run by the military so a lot of them go there. Once we played against navy seals! 😄 We got our buts kicked but it was fun. Where do you live I might be able to play at that park it sounds cool.

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