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  • I have a new idea for ASW cruisers, but first I would like to propose a couple other changes. The first is a change to sub detection. I am not a fan of 1 8 point destroyer stopping a fleet of subs from surprise strike. Here is the suggestion: each destroyer (and perhaps ASW cruiser) can only detect 1 sub at a time. (or per round if liked better) This way unless the destroyers outnumber the subs, some of the subs get surprise attack. Now before you say that there is a problem because subs cost less than destroyers, think of it this way: If one player builds 4 subs with 24 IPCs and his opponent counters with 3 destroyers for the same price, the subs will only get 1 surprise strike. That won’t cause much damage. Besides, the subs lose in defense anyway and can’t stop the opponents fleet. This is especially critical since a large fleet of subs cannot put one sub between them and the opposing force to prevent and attack. Whereas, a surface fleet can do that to the subs with the cheapest surface ship out there. Perhaps a 7 point destroyer would be in order, but probably not. Too many changes are not cool.

    These second suggestion is the 11 point cruiser. This is to make it more in line with other ships and aircraft. Lets face it who besides Italy (and that even rarely) really buys cruisers.

    The third is Battleship AA gun as standard. Even with an 11 point cruiser, planes outmatch ships in AA50. To demonstrate simply compare 2 FTRs to a battleship. 2@3 or 1@4, same number of hits. Bombers are 12 points to attack at 4 whereas cruiser is same price (1 less with my proposed change) and only attack with 3. Also with either of the aircraft techs, planes become even more dangerous toward ships.

    Finally to the tech. My suggestion is a tech for cruisers called enhanced cruisers - your cruisers are equipped with ASW technology and an AA gun - Cruisers have ASW capabilities and can fire and AA gun stackable with the BB one to fire @2. This tech would increase the utility of cruisers and would provide a counter tech to protect fleets against jets or heavies. Fleets are expensive to build and should be protectable. Especially with the change of Jets from defense to offense, every tech there is (including super subs) seems to make fleets weaker. Obviously with this improvement it couldn’t be a minor tech, but hey, I didn’t like the minor tech idea anyway.

    I would love to try all my ideas out and tell how they went but I might have to wait a few weeks for school to end. (Then my brother will have no escuse not to play with me.  :evil: )

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    5. Atomic Bomb  rolleyes Really? The atomic bomb was only used once the US had practically won the war. It might have been drawn out, but they would have won. This is already represented by VCs. Once you capture enough VCs, you win. This would happen before and atomic bomb was developed.
    In regards to game play, it seems lame. The cost seems to be too much merely to prevent one turn of production. I honestly think the whole idea should be scrapped.

    The war would have gone on till 1946. The two bombs dropped changed that. japan figured it could get a negotiated peace if it soiled the beaches of Japan with American blood. The bombs changed that completely. It was also dropped to get political advantage over the Soviets who wanted spoils in Asia and to deny them the same. The bomb was the most important invention of the war and it above all other techs must be represented. Obviously, it would be had to obtain and require alot of research to have. The idea is also to have one tech that changes the game and makes it end. Some games require such an outcome because players sometimes never surrender and Atomic weaponry will finish the stalemate.

    And that is exactly what it did.

    In some games you can play and not obtain an outcome, while with this technology you are assured that the game will finish up soon. In most games that last of normal duration it wont be developed and thats the charm of it.

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