Turkestan stack defense

  • I recently played another game of europe, and i played as the allies. i held the germans back to a baltic states/east poland/rumania line until about turn 3 when they took ukraine with enough forces to hold it, and it became clear that if they wanted to they could easily take bellorussia or leningrad. I fell back w/ almost all of my troops to turkestan, and i think this is an awesome province. You can counterattack any units that go into moscow, bellorussia, caucasus, stalingrad, or russia. i left 1 man in bellorussia and 3 men in russia to counterattack any side force he would try to send north thru leningrad to archangel( i had already pushed his northern pincer force all the way back to norway) the only way this strategy really worked was that the germans lost almost all of their infantry in stupid attacks, so when the time came for him to take bellorussia to attack moscow the next turn, i would counterattack all of his 20+ tanks that were left unguarded in bellorussia with 20+ infantry, 8 or 9 artillery, 2 or 3 tanks, 5 fighters and 3 bombers(i use the patriotic rule alot). this was about turn 5, and by now the allies were preparing to invade germany from the sea, bombarding w/ 7 brit destroyers and 3 american destroyers. i would counterattack anything he would take into bellorussia, so there was no way he could win. this might be one of those staregies that only worked in that one instance, but do you think it could work all the time? i used to think germany had an advantage in this game, but now i’m not sure

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