Need some input/guidance on new unit att/def values

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    Hey guys, I’m currently designing a new map and ruleset for an advanced Europe game. However, I want to implement some rules whereby a unit will have different att/def capabilities against different types of units. So - before I get too carried away with this, does anyody know if such a thread already exists here? Please point me in the right direction.  🙂

    If not, then I want to start with the sea units. Destroyers, Cruisers, Aircarft Carriers and Battleships will all keep their existing att/def values in naval combat (ship against ship). However, I want to give them a different set of values against aircraft. Now, it’s only the defence value I’m interested in as ships don’t attack aircraft.

    I’d like your help/input/guidance with regard to finding a nice balance for these defence values. I admit I don’t know very much about the historical accuracy of WWII surface warships anti-air capabilities, so I would welcome any expert advice. All I have managed to come up with so far is:

    Destroyer          2
    Cruisers            2 
    Aircarft Carrier    2
    Battleships        1

    Is that in any way a good relection? Many thanks for all your help.

  • id say a carriers would be 3 vs air and a battle ship at 2

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    Look at AARHE 4.0. We have established all of that and given each ship AA capabilities on first round.

  • TripleA '12

    Thanks guys. IL, I took a look at what I thought was the file you were referring to. I’d like some input from other players as well please. Did I read somewhere before that Cruisers had more anti-aircraft guns on them then Destroyers or Battleships? I Rock, why do you say 3 for Aircraft Carrier air defence? Did those vessels have a lot of anti air guns on them or something? I’m thinking 3 is a little high for any sea unit but I’m open to ideas! Thanks.

    So it’s looking like:

    Destroyer          2
    Cruiser              2 
    Aircarft Carrier    3
    Battleship          2

    I originally thought 1 for BBs to reflect their weakness against air attack. Any more suggestions? Once I get this matter squared away, I’ll then take on air unit capabilities. It’s all good.

  • aircraft carriers did have alot of ack they had “light michineguns” “heavy michineguns” and flak artillery

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