How useful are cruisers??

  • I would like to point out that the value of cruisers is tied to value of invasions and in particular the threat of invasion. The Allies can tie down a significant number of Axis units in Europe with an invasion fleet in SZ 7 or SZ 12. Trs need protection off course or the enemy will destroy them with air and here the cruiser has a fine role of both providing defense and being able to contribute to the land campaign.

    I agree that you should anchor an Allied invasion fleet around a UK CV using startup Ftr´s, maybee even 2 CV´s. I prefer to keep the fleet UK only to max mobility and firepower on the invasion. You need 1 destroyer to handle subs initially but from then on I would spend my money on cruisers. Allthough it would be prudent to buy more destoyers to soak up hits if the enemy invests heavily in air units.

    By the way i voted the cruiser to be usefull and consider infantry the only unit to be very usefull.



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    This is an old debate. The numbers say if you made then 11 IPC and gave them one free AA roll at 1 against a plane ( one cruiser = one die roll) you got as balanced unit.

    Or you can make them 10 and reduce the SB to 1-2 ( 3 is too strong) you also got a balanced unit.

    Just do battles of DD vs CA  using total IPC of say 80 ipc or 160 ipc ( 8 or 16 CA vs> 10 or 20 DD)

    Then also plug in numbers adding BB to each side ( say 3 per)

    You will get a small DD advantage ( like 56%), the tipper is this AA roll or the 1-2 SB….you decide.

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