• Anyone know the dimensions of the new Axis & Allies 1942 game board?

    I still own A&A Classic (33x19.5") and I noticed that when they released the revised edition the board shrank to 20x33". I’ve be looking everywhere from Amazon to Ebay and the board size isn’t listed anywhere.

    Any help would be appreciated! 😄

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    its really small. Like 32 x19 and it is really about 4 inches shorter because a chart was inserted to save money on cardboard. So it’s unplayable actually.

  • It really is unplayable.  Europe is about the only completely unplayable area, but that is where so much of the play occurs.  If they were going to make the map so small, they should have blown up europe out of proportion to the rest of the map.  It may have not been as asthetically appealing, but would have been much more playable.

  • Wow what a let down. I’d like to meet the clown that came up with that brilliant idea. I started to play the A&A (revised) online and sort of got use to the newer rules and I thought it was time to update my boardgame. But it seems like the new 1942 wouldn’t be fun play. 😢

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    Buy the game for the pieces anyway.

    DL my map and you got something usable

  • Not only are the areas small but you can barely see the borders in German territories!

  • Yeah I think the game board size is a big turn off for me. I’ll have to look into how much it would cost to get a large map printed.

  • I have printed 2 copies of IL’s map, both on my home printer.  The first on plain 8 1/2 x 11 paper, poster style.  I just glued them all together and i figure it cost me about $6.00 in ink and paper.  I didnt mount this version or anything…i just fold it up as a cheap travel map.  It works very well, but its not “super pretty”    The second I printed in the same fashion on better paper and then mounted.  Much prettier, and cost me less than 20.00.  Both versions turn the 30.00 aa 1942 game I bought into a very playable enjoyable situation (map wise)–it always was gameplay wise.  😄

    So to make a long story short–Buy 1942 (the pieces and gameplay are great) and print a version of IL’s map.

    THANK YOU IL !!!

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    alright very nice of you to say that.

  • I’ve found the gameplay is cramped as well, particularly in Europe and the Atlantic sea zones. Why are there no blow-up maps?

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    then the map would be even smaller?

  • They could use more cardboard, but that also probably requires a bigger box. If it’s all about saving cardboard, then yeah there shouldn’t be blow-up maps.

  • I finally went to my local Target and picked it up. I set it up just for kicks and I couldn’t help but laugh at the game board. Not not sure if the boards too small or if the pieces are too big. Either way the two don’t mesh. I would have gone with smaller pieces if everyone was set on the board as is. Might have saved a little more money too.

  • Yeah they should have made the pieces half the size they are bombers and infantry aircraft carriers esppicaly are way to big for this map the size of the map is a bit small but it is a big board and i like the inset on the bottom it needs a few more territories in europe but they need to reduce the pieces

  • When I first saw the AA42 game board I was severely disappointed.  After playing it a few times, I’ve changed my mind.  Sure, the board can get crowded in places at times and sometimes those of us with bi and tri-focals may need “auxilary” lighting at certain areas, it is still a fun game.  I don’t see myself ever going back to playing the MB version.

  • Its only crowded the first 2 turns…it clears up after that

  • @idk_iam_swiss:

    Its only crowded the first 2 turns…it clears up after that

    Unless you start getting stacks of infantry/tanks between Germany and USSR in those little Eastern European territories…

  • Where did you get the map printed out?

    What size was it?

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    its double the normal size

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    Here’s some pics of ILs map. Notice the color coding of the territories and the fact I don’t need ANY chips…

  • Obviously, the Italian pieces are no different from germans except they’re put there for historical accuracy

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    Obviously, the Italian pieces are no different from germans except they’re put there for historical accuracy

    Correct. I had them, so I thought I should use them. Increases the cool factor I guess…

  • Nice.  Thanks for the pics.  Love to see the Italian 8th army out there.

    So if I walked into a copy store like Kinkos, I would just say, print this, and it would come out the right size (assuming they didn’t scale it in any way), right?

    Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure that I have all the info I need before spending a chunk of change on this.  I’m going to be teaching 3 newbies and another guy with 1 game under his belt in a few weeks and the 1942 map is just too small for that.  I want everyone to be able to see the board.

    I was contemplating going with anniversary edition instead (been wanting to print that map out too), but I don’t have Italian pieces, so I think that’s out.

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    I was contemplating going with anniversary edition instead

    If you choose one game … then print this and spend the money just on this. But print from the supreme map file, which is much better.

    You can easily paint a set of pieces light grey for Italy

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    I would like to take a moment to thank Imperious Leader for the fine work on the map!  I took the image to a local printer who printed it out on a rigid plastic foam underlay with lamenation.  A beautiful job!  I’m a bit worried about the edges so I might frame it and perhaps cover it in plexiglass.  Don’t ask me how much it cost, probably way way too much but well worth it at even twice the price!  Again, job extremely well done!

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