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    I know that a mechanized infantry has to move along with a tank in order to successfully blitz an unoccupied hostile territory, but my friends and I kinda got into it over exactly where those two units are required to source from. Do they have to start out in the same territory? By definition, all combat moves occur simultaneously, so a lone mechanized moving into a hostile territory couldnt have the intention of blitzing due to a lack of knowledge of the laterally approaching tank. However, that’s assuming they’re uncoordinated. Technically, I dont see why it should be a problem, but the MI blitzing description says it has to move “with” a tank, inferring initial movement with the tank.

    If an MI cannot blitz in this fashion (starting from a separate territory than the tank), it would cease movement at the unoccupied hostile territory and be unable to assist in the engagement one space further away.

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    The two units must start and end their movement together.

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