• ok me and my friend cant decide whats legal here.

    can a transport unload troops into a combat in combat phase, and still move its one remaining space in non combat? we both dont think u can because of all involved in a amphibious assault (launching landing boats and stuff) which is somewhat similar to a battleship or destroyer bombardment, and they would not be allowed to move. but we feel to unload and then move back is ok, or to unload in 2 different countries, on non combat.

    whats the rule?

  • :lol:

  • you can land in 2 different countries in original and pacific versions, but in europe all of the contents of the transport MUST land in the same province.

  • Seems like I read somewhere that once a transport has unloaded “it’s movement turn is over and can no longer move”

    I also read in an online chat interview with the creator of A&A that it was not his intention for transports to “unload to 2 different territories adjacent to the same sea zone”

    I don’t know if this is implied in the actual rules or not, but it makes sense to me… how would a transport unload in europe, then move across the sea zone to Africa and unload there too in the same turn? Would be like taking 2 turns.

  • In basic A & A, you must unload all troops from a TR on the same territory, & once the troops are offloaded, the TRs movement ends. You CAN p/u troops from different locations (say load one INF in Phillipines, move TR to Okinawa, load another INF at Okinawa, move to Sea Of Japan SZ, unload both INF in Manchuria), but they all must be unloaded on the same territory (in the example, the 2 INF could be unloaded on either Manchuria or Japan Home Islands but not one on each).

    In any case where a unit is involved in combat on Combat Phase, that unit’s move ends & it may not move again on Non-Combat Movement. The only exceptions are FTRs & BMRs which may fly out on Combat Move, be part of a battle in Combat, then fly back on Non-Combat Movement.

    It’s possible I’m wrong about the landing of units on 2 land territories adjacent to the same body of water as the TR, but if I am, the rule is logical, & intuitive & I would recommend using it anyway…


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