• Hi again,

    Another newbie question.

    It says that if a player gets nailed with Strategic Bombing runs from the enemy, the nailed player has to pay IPCs to the bank.

    What if that player doesn’t have enough IPCs to pay?

    Does the player just pay up all the IPCs he has and that’s it? Or will the player have to owe the bank the remainder the next round when he collects income?

  • i’m not 100% sure, but i’m 99.99% certain that you just pay what you have on you at the moment, i don’t think that you have to go into debt w/ the bank

  • Strongbad, that’s how I interpreted it too.

    If that is the case, it seems uselss to do SBR’s, since my friends and I almost always spend all of our money each turn.

    In that case, SBRs would be useless, since the defender has no money to pay anyways.

    I see on this message board that SBRs are mentioned many times. So I’m assuming that gamers often save up their money often.

    I do too, but not usually, unless I gotta save up for a Battleship or something.

  • The defender can only pay what he has…if you cant pay for all of the cost of the raid you just pay whatever you have, the unpaid amount doesn’t carry over to your next turn.
    One other thing…it really doesn’t matter if you spend all of your IPC’s on a turn or not because you’re going to receive more at the end of your turn therefore you will have IPC’s for your enemies to target.

  • Blitz, makes sense now.

    Looking back, my friends and I are very new to the game. We were playing wrong (again). At the BEGINNING of our turn, we have been giving out income, the player would choose what to buy, and then would pay the bank right away. Therefore, for the rest of the turn, they’d have little/zero money, so SBRs have always been a useless choice for me.

    Just looked at the instructions now for reference……


    Thanks for the recap. I think our games will be much better now.

  • One more thing. I think we bypassed reading that part about end of turn income collecting, since everyone gets their IPC share right away on turn 1, so we seemed to have assumed that’s the way it is every turn.

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