• If the USA moves a fleet into sea zone 6 (the one around Japan), and lands units unopposed on Korea, can Japan scramble fighters from Japan to defend sea zone 6?

    If the USA already has a massive fleet in the sea zone surrounding Hawaii, then on the next turn amphibiously assaults Hawaii (that is owned by Japan), can Japanese fighters on Hawaii scramble?


    1. yes japan can scramble fighters from japan airbase to defend sea zone 6

    2)no cause the sea zone was already attacked by usa, scramble is triggered only when an enemy unit enter (or attack) a sea zone of an island with an air base.
    If a usa fleet is already in that zone it’s supposed the battle for that sea zone already happened.
    Probably if you add a new units for example you have in that sea zone  one destroyer and one carrier and after you add 2 transport for an anphibious assault the scramble is triggered again on that sea zone but all the unit in that sea zone defend not only transport.

    the second answer is just a my interpretation… let’s wait for an official reply

    bye  :lol:

  • Official Q&A

    Yes and yes.

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