Whats the weirdest out come you ever had in AAR

  • ive played many AAR games and ive had wierd out comes like briton taking over planet earth what werid outcomes have you got?

  • There was one game where the Americans took over the Pacific, killed the IJN, had island complexes on the big 3 islands, and captured a FIC factory. Germany meanwhile was fending off the UK quite easily and taking Russia. I don’t remember the exact sequence of events but in the end, the Allies had a significant economic adv. and Germany found herself in Russia’s usual predicament - Germany was holding Russia and being squeezed from the west by the UK and from the south and East by the USA.

  • one interesting was taking Tokyo with USA before any other capital fell

  • @i:

    thats sweet. who one?

    Allies won, by a long shot. Germany couldn’t defend Asia, Russia, and Europe. They’ll have to make swift gains in Africa and the Atlantic to have a chance. Or better yet, Japan has to maintain dominance in the Pacific.

  • There was one game on GTO when I was really inexperienced playing Japan. I probably tried some kind of 2 IC Jap Tank Dash To Moscow and the Americans had developed Heavy Bombers and Long Ranged Air. My Japanese fleet moved up with some transports and took Hawaii. The Americans countered by air and got diced so badly that I just kept my transports so I could invade LA next turn. I saw their purchase was more bombers and not ground troops to defend LA if things went badly. LA fell without much resistance.

    The opposition were good sports and by the end, Japan had West US, East US, Moscow, and had just placed 9 transports in American waters to take London next turn.

  • '12

    The weirdest game I had involved german bombers in Hawaii in conjunction with Japanese bombers strategically bombing the US.  Now, before I get accused of being a NOOB and buying battleships….a bit of context.  Our group having started playing the original paper map and cardboard piece original in the early 1980s tends to have games that follow typical lines.  Germany with massive amounts of infantry facing off against a multinational monstrosity on Karelia.  Germany is never quite strong enough to push the allies off of Karelia, nor can the independant allied armies do much to push Germany around.  The allies flow forces steady against the japs to clear them off russian territories using airpower and a few units.  The allies enjoy a slight economic advantage and with 3 players using co-ordinated airpower strategies, if one player clears the enemy but does not take the territory the next ally can.  IE, attack 3 defending infantry with only 2 attacking plus lots of air.  There is only a 1 in 27 chance the enemy gets 3 hits and takes an air unit.  If they get 2 hits then the next ally can take the territory usually.  Allies slowly win the war of attrition.

    It is usually at this point I do what I normally hated doing, weapons development and the preparation for it.  By later round, when germany has over 100 infantry, you can afford a few rounds of funny play.  I started building bombers, the allies had to counter by building more navy to protect the supply lines and transports.  But carriers are not much use in land battles whereas bombers are and project threat across multiple targets.  I would wait until I had about 5-6 bombers then roll for weapons, the idea being heavy bombers of course.  it was at this point the US rolled a few dice and the lucky bastard got industrial tech.  HUGE with infantry push that he was using.  The only choice was strategic bombing, normally it has a payout of 17.5 IPC of damage per 15 IPC invested.  However, with infantry costing 2 IPC, the effictive damage of 17.5 meant the loss of nearly 9 infantry, normally a cost of 27 IPC.  I bombed the US to the point they could only afford a few infantry at best and held out long enough I got heavy bombers and bombed the allies into submission!

  • Well I was the US, but the German player knocked out the UK while the USSR didn’t do anything and then we saw the USSR has like over 30 infantry it was very weird and made it hard for the Germans

  • I was playing the Allies in a game of Revised. I was feeling a bit bored by the usual Kill Germany First strategy, and decided to try something new. Something out of the ordinary. Something unexpected! That something unexpected involved the U.S. putting everything it had into the Pacific. And building battleships! 🙂 By the time I made my move, the U.S. had well over ten battleships, plus a couple carriers and some other naval stuff.

    To counter this, Japan built mostly submarines, but wasn’t afraid to throw in the occasional carrier or destroyer. Meanwhile, Germany made good progress on the Soviet front, gradually pushing them back. (Probably the biggest flaw of this U.S. Pacific strategy is that it develops slowly.)

    The U.S. moved its fleet out to the Solomon Islands. Instead of attacking, Japan kept its fleet by Tokyo, and added to it in the place units phase. That was a mistake. On my subsequent American turn, I attacked, fought for one round, and retreated. My 10 or 12 battleships each healed after that battle, in contrast to just two battleship heals for the Japanese player. I finished off the Japanese fleet shortly thereafter.

    By now I had control over the Pacific, with a fleet possessing a whopping 15 battleships! 🙂 Unfortunately, Moscow had fallen, as one might expect. Meanwhile, Japan was piling a lot of units onto Tokyo to guard against an American invasion. By this point, he’d lost his major non-Tokyo islands, and so was hurting a little income-wise.

    The U.S. faced a decision at this point: it could move its fleet toward Tokyo and bombard Japan into submission. (A tempting thought!) Or it could move its fleet into the Indian Ocean, with the intention of killing any Axis units in French Indo-China, India, Persia, Trans-Jordan, or Egypt. I’d owned Africa throughout most of the game, so the latter option would give me the chance to maintain control over it. Due to that and some other reasons, I opted for the latter strategy. My basic plan was to use my factories in the East Indies and Borneo to ship about eight units to South Asia each turn, with a few extra units potentially arriving into Northeast Asia from Alaska.

    The U.S. took French Indo-China and India from Japan; which by this point was too weak to put up much of a fight in a mainland land war. Between them, the U.S. and Britain had built up a sizable force in India. I was rather pleased with myself. But then, the Axis player used the massive German force that had taken Moscow to destroy my India force. He won that battle very convincingly, and had nine tanks at the end.

    Unfortunately for him, the U.S. counterattacked with an amphibious assault. The U.S.'s 15 battleships destroyed those nine German tanks during the support shot phase; allowing the U.S. land units to take India without being fired on. Meanwhile, American units had slowly pushed northward, capturing territories like Kwangtung, China, Manchuria, and so forth. Units shipped in from Alaska had nibbled away at places like the Soviet Far East and Yakut. Japan had been almost completely driven off the mainland. Britain’s control over Africa gave it the income it needed to pester and distract Germany.

    After those 9 German tanks were killed by battleship support shots, the Axis player conceded. He apparently realized that any land territory bordering the Indian Ocean was not a realistic option for him as long as that battleship fleet remained alive. Without the income from those Indian Ocean territories, and with the balance in East Asia gradually shifting in favor of the Americans, it was clear the economic balance of the game favored the Allies. This was the first and only game of Revised I’d won in which I’d lost Moscow but had failed to either take or seriously threaten an Axis capital.

    By the end of the game, at least 2/3 of the overall Allied war effort and projection of power was being conducted by the U.S. British harassment of Germany constituted the other third. This was the strongest I’d ever seen the U.S. in any Axis and Allies game. This was a far more memorable and enjoyable win than a standard-issue “Kill Germany first” win would have been.

  • I was playing AARe (a variant of AAR - mainly adjusted techs and NAs) Germany destroyed the allies fleets and japan was dominating on the mainland. The allied player conceded when he realized he would lose London.

  • I was playing the AI on GTO, and Germany, with 1 transport and 1 tank, took Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Briazil, and Eastern Canada, in that order.

  • An odd turn of events left me (as Germany) holding London and Moscow and I lost Berlin to the US.

    Needless to say I was overburdened with the size of my empire.  The US took Italy and the Caucuses on the same turn and started mass producing on mainland Europe.

  • I actually played a game to a draw where Germany knocked out Russia quite a few turns before Japan was conquered by the US.  Germany troops actually reached the Pacific the same turn Japan fell. 
    Then the US got all of Africa and the islands in SE Asia.  The US was a huge juggarnaught and so was Germany.  Germany had well over half the IPC values under their control, but the IPC’s split about even because Japan had conquered the Asian territories first, so Germany didn’t actually collect revenue for them.  The US and Britain owned the seas so we called the game a deadlock.

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