• I understand that infantry and mech infantry get to attack +1 with artillery, but does artillery attack as well?  For example, if you attack with 2 infantry and 2 artillery, do you roll 4 dice or just 2?  And is it the same on defense?

    thanks, just slightly confused and trying to understand

  • sure the artillery attack as well if you have an attack with  2 inf and 2 art you roll 4 dice and you hit with 2 or less.

    each artillery support only one infantry.
    for example if you have 2 infantry and just one artillery you roll 2 dice hitting with 2 or less and 1 hitting with one

    in defence the infantries don’t get this bonus it is just for the attack!


  • Thanks, that makes perfect sense.  The wording in the rulebook was confusing me 😄

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