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    I moved and don’t have access to my AAEurope or D-Day…  Is there a difference between the US fighter minis in those from the mini in AAA50th? I didn’t think there was, but I read on a post somewhere here that it’s a Hellcat in the former, as opposed to the Corsairs that came with AAA50th…

    Thanks in advance…

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    It’s an F-4 Hellcat in AA50 and a P-38 Lightning in the other two.

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    Really?  Kinda thought it was suppose to be a Corsair - thought as much because of all the Corsairs on the box and in the rule book… wrongly assumed I guess (errr…or am I totally baffled and those are Hellcats on the box?!).  I just perused some pics… Europe Kreig, it is the P-38, yes.  But uhhh… the pics of D-Day I’m finding don’t look like P-38’s… Is there a difference between the AAA50th US fighters and D-Day US fighters?

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    The fighters in the AA50 box art are Corsairs, but the pieces are Hellcats.  My copy of D-Day has P-38s, but it’s always possible that later print runs could have different pieces.

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    Ah - the BGG photos of the D-Day fighters are one props, I think they’re the same as the AAA50th.  Damns… eh eh eh - I painted all my US minis from AAA50th as Corsairs.  I didn’t think it was that much of a stretch - considering that the sculpt isn’t the greatest…

    Much obliged Wardog!

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