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PRESS RELEASE: Field Marshal Games - WorldsForge

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    Appointment of Field Marshal Games as exclusive online distributor for Canada and US signals WorldsForge entry into North America

    Toronto, CANADA, 30 January 2010– WorldsForge Private Limited and Field Marshal Games, Inc. announced their partnership to bring Field Command: Singapore 1942 to North American gamers, under an exclusive online distributorship agreement. The launch is slated for 1 February 2010. The partnership adds a new product line to the Field Marshal Games’ existing stable of popular wargames and introduces WorldsForge’s unique combat system to fans of the genre.

    Field Command: Singapore 1942 is a strategy board game depicting the Battle of Singapore during the Second World War. It is a historically significant battle and said to be the worst disaster in British military history. The game comes with a number of scenarios and with highly detailed play-pieces for three armies – Japanese, British, & Australian. The combat system is designed to be easy to learn for novice gamers and yet provide gameplay options for the experts.

    “FMG is very excited to share this great title with our friends and customers in the North American Wargaming scene”, said Mr. Jeremy Blowers, CEO of Field Marshal Games. “The Field Command Series brings a new standard of quality and historical detail to the genre. We were astounded by the level of attention given to the gaming components and the unparalleled quality… I knew right away that this was a game we would enjoy and stand behind. We look forward to working together with WorldsForge in any future endeavor.”

    “WorldsForge is very appreciative of the interest shown by North American players in our latest game and hope that our partnership with Field Marshal Games will avail Field Command: Singapore 1942 to more players to enjoy,” said Mr. Khoo Yik Lin, CEO of WorldsForge. “North America is an important market for us, so identifying the right distributor is essential. Field Marshal Games is both well-known and, more importantly, well-respected by the wargaming community in Canada & the US. In my view, they are the perfect partner to introduce the Field Command series to North American wargamers and we are excited to work with them.”

    North American gamers and retailers who are interested in the game may wish to visit www.fieldmarshalgames.com and www.worldsforge.com/fieldcommand/ for more details.

    About WorldsForge Private Limited

    WorldsForge Private Limited is a games development company established in 2007 and based in Singapore.
    It is currently supported by Creative Community Singapore (CCS) and the National Archives of Singapore (NAS). Its first product is the board game, Field Command: Singapore 1942, a wargame based on the Battle of Singapore during the Second World War. This game was launched in November 2009.
    For more information on WorldsForge, please visit www.worldsforge.com

    About Field Marshal Games Inc.

    Field Marshal Games Inc is a Wargaming accessories development company established in 2007 and based in Toronto.
    For more information on Field Marshal Games, please visit www.fieldmarshalgames.com


  • Game looks great. FMG, now that you have a relationship with Worldsforge, Do you know it they are planning on developing any more games?

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    Game looks great. FMG, now that you have a relationship with Worldsforge, Do you know it they are planning on developing any more games?

    I hope they will.  I am very optimistic given the quality of this title.  Once this becomes popular over here it should fund more development.

  • That would be great as the quality is first rate.

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