Combined Arms attacks with Armor & Infantry

  • Armor now costs 6 IPCs.  I think at this price they should also be permitted to boost the attack value of an infantry up to 2 instead of 1 in the same manner as combining artillery with infantry.

    First the combined arms effect of adding artillery to infantry was included in the games.  Now the effect of combining aircraft with tanks has been included.  I believe the same effect would apply to tanks added with infantry.  There are many examples of this historically so I would anticipate a lot of support for this in this community.

  • sure why not…
    although personally I’d like to see infantry boost armour on the defense. 😉

    [Edit: OK actually I’d like to armour defend at a 2 unless paired with infantry but you get the idea.]

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    The Infantry is the Backbone of the Army and takes the heavy weight of fighting but Tanks are fast in advance and their main goal is to rush forward and distract the enemy in locations he is at least expecting it. Although to form strong Arms to pinch off enemy of supply and create pockets who are crushed and emptied by the slower following Infantry!!..Tanks are coordinading w. Airsupport and Mech. Units while Infantry is supported by Artillery…

    So in that case the boost supposed to be Tanks w. Ftr and or Mech units while Infantry still matches up w. Art.    8-) 😄

  • Tanks are definitely not as good of a buy as they used to be. I think 2 infantry is a much better buy.

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