• So based on what I’ve been reading on these boards, the most popular G1 buys seem to be 10 inf 2 arm, 8 inf 4 art, 10 inf 1 ftr, and 7 inf 1 art 3 arm. But how about a buy of 6 inf 3 arm 1 trn? Place 2 inf 2 arm and the trn in SE/Z14 and put the rest in Germany. This way, when UK counters Egypt (assuming KGF) you can counter on G2 with 1 inf 1 art 1 ftr from Libya (having moved up from Alg on G1, the Balkans ftr having landed in Lib) and 2 inf 2 arm from SE, plus a BB bombard. UK cannot conduct the same counterattack as it did on UK1, Germany has 2 tanks to blitz Africa starting on G3, and Egypt is quite secure for the Axis for the next few rounds. Do you think this move is good? The only flaw I can see is that there are initially less land units than there could be to devote to the fight in Europe, but then again, you could always outspend Russia on subsequent turns if you have Africa’s IPCs.

  • The one thing that you don’t account for is how you’re attacking Egypt first turn and still protecting the new med transport without buying another ship. Unless we go into bids for the Axis, then the most Germany could hope to attack Egypt with on their first turn while protecting the new transport is 1 inf, 1 tank, 2 fighters, 1 bomber meaning they’re ignoring the battleship in z2. 36% of the time, Germany will need to sacrifice a fighter to close the canal. 30% of the time it is a disaster with Germany losing 2 or more planes or leaving the Suez open. Remember though, you can’t count on having that Ukraine fighter so now you can probably forget about about attacking Egypt with just 2 land units and 2 planes.

    Even if the Egypt attack is successful, the UK can send their bomber and destroyer to often sink your med ships. As long as the battleship is destroyed, then the Russians can finish the job.

  • Hmmm, true. Back to the drawing board for me then…the more I think about it, the more difficult it seems to be to play Germany effectively.

  • I prefer a 6 inf, 2 arm, 1 bomber or 3 inf, 1 art, 3 arm, 1 bomber. The added punch to the Luftwaffe can be really helpful in preventing the UK from doing any landings on UK1.
    Usually the Algeria landing is prevented until US1 or UK2, which gives the Germans 1 more round to bring troops to Africa (if Russia hasn’t bought a sub on R1, that is). And if you manage to sink the UK fleet on G2 then you won’t have to worry much from the UK/US for the next turns. If the UK buys 1 AC and 2 DDs, then they’ll have those plus 2 fighters and the US cruiser for defense, possibly also the R sub, depending on how that battle went. You’ll have 2 subs, 2 fighters and 2 bombers, if the 3rd sub survived the battle up SZ1 (by losing the fighter instead of the sub, for instance) then it is possible to sink all Allied ships.

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