• I have a used copy of AA50 for sale. It has been played a few times but is still in excellent condition. If anyone is interested send me a message with an offer and the highest offer by 02/05/10 will get it along with the full set of Combat Dice from FMG. I also have a copy of 2nd edition, Revised, Europe, the original Pacific game, and Battle of the Bulge available for sale. Message me on those as well. I am keeping AAP40 and AA42. Thanks.

  • I am asking $250.00 for the AA50 game with the FMG dice. The game is in excellent condition. It has only been played about 3 or 4 times and plexiglass was always on top of the board.

  • If it is still available and it’s the 7 country dice I’ll buy it at your offer.


  • This has been sold. Thanks jrchase.

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