Opening Move for Japan

  • Just for the sake of conversation and debate, what objectives, purchases, and moves do you use for Japan on J1?

  • So far, I build 2 TRs and an IC for the mainland on J1. My goal is to take Yunnan, get in position to re-take it from the Chinese counter-attacking and then get all my troops moving forward into China.

    I prefer to keep a relatively strong force at Truk to dissuade the Amis from moving to Australia. Beyond that, I want to have TRs and enough fleets to take the DEI and PI on J2 or J3 depending on what the Allies do. If they go all out to take the DEI (UK), then I’ll likely strike on J2. If they are more conservative, I might hold off until J3.

    The main goal is to kill the Chinese ASAP to prevent them being a long-term troop draw. Use all available airpower to ensure fewer losses. Position yourself to take out the Brits quickly as well. The RN needs to go down and the DEI captured. Once that is done focus on India for the win.

    For dealing with the US, I advise trying to keep them away from Australia as much as possible. If they get there in force picket the sea zones between them and your valuable DEI. Try and get a fleet in position to take out anything they move out from under cover the Aussie air power. You dont have to kill the Amis, just keep them away.

    In the end, once China is gone and Japan is close to taking out India the game is close to won IMO. When India finally falls you should be making more than the other Allies combined and have superior position and coordination (1 nation vs 2).

    Of course the Allies will be trying to stop this. 🙂 And to do so they’ll likely make a number of suicide runs to grind down your fleet and blockers and open up your vulnerable econ. The trick is to make sure you maintain enough fleet and air in the Pacific to prevent them from doing too much harm to your econ.

  • Depends on if you plan on attacking J1/2/3……

  • I build 2 TR’s, DD, & a sub. I’m a firm believer of a J1 attack that takes out the UK BB & TR’s, the ANZAK sub, the US DD & 2TR’s. Also taking Ceylon and vacant China territories, HK & FIC.

    At the end of the turn the IJN may have lost a DD and/or a sub. The fleet from sz6 is moved to the Carolines to react to any US moves toward ANZAC. The small fleets in Ceylon & PI are out of range of UK & ANZAC planes & ships and can combine in the next turn while working on DEI. UK has been denied 8 IPC income (3 for Cey and 5 for NO) & US denied 7 right from the start. Note: I have failed to take PI because of bad rolls leaving 1 or both of the planes but it falls on the next turn.

    Next 2 turns I purchase a minor IC for FIC & HK.

  • i build 2tr and minor Ind.
    J1 attack
    Attack Yunnan, vacant China territories, Philippines(using 3 loaded transports to reduce risk), Hong Kong, FIC, Han State, UK BB + transp(with 3 Bmb + fighter), US Hawaii transp (with sub), New Britain sub (with DD).
    Key here is you have destroyed 4 Allied transports + UK BB.

    You have increased US IPC by 40 but US loses 7 (Philippines) and UK loses 5 (Hongkong)
    so allied gain is only 28. You gain 5 so allies only net 23. Their potential gain in the next few turns is limited by lack of transports.

    Entire fleet is sitting in the Philippines sea zone. Can hit Malaya or Queensland J2 from there. Check out the face of the Anzac player when he realizes this. Think he’ll send his fighter to Malaya?

    J2 depends on whether UK reinf Malaya or Yunnan. If they reinf Yunnan attack Malaya using 1 BB, 1 CA, 2 transp 1 DD, 1 Sub. You are now within striking distance of India.
    Move rest of fleet to Truk. (2 transports from turn 1 build land troops in FIC)
    Continue to take lightly defended Chinese terr.
    If UK reinf Malaya, Burma road gets cut again. Can take Queensland or Han State. With bombers may even be possible to take Malaya anyway. If no fighters in Malaya, start taking the Dutch islands (start with Borneo). You should be able to take 2 on J2 and the other 2 on J3. If you let fighters live they’ll have to be escorted. (UK is down to how many IPC’s at this point???)

    The race is on. Will you be able to take down India before US forces you to turn to the East? Will make for a quick game anyway.

    This strategy is designed to whittle down UK as quickly as possible. The fewer Inf that get built in India the better.

    Alternate 1st turn build is 3 transports. I prefer to get 3 tanks (or 2 tanks + 1 Mech inf) to the front on J2 build.

  • You said “build land troops in FIC”: is this on J2?  Because you’re not allowed to place a factory in a newly captured territory, correct?  So are you putting the minor IC in Manchuria or Kiangsu (one of the 3 IPC territories)?

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