Custom Ship Deck Decal Sets

Hello everybody. I wanted to announce that has released new decal sets specifically made for the Axis & Allies naval game pieces from the following game versions: Europe 1940, Pacific 1940, Spring 1942 & 1941 Anniversary Edition.

This is the DIY option for those who want the enjoyment and challenge of painting their own game pieces. Now you can finish them off with precision-cut waterslide decals to give your creations a professional look. Each individual ship deck decal has been pre-cut to ensure a perfect fit every time.

It is very difficult to get a clean edge on your ship decks using a paint brush by hand. One side of the ship might have straight lines but the other side might be noticeably wavy or you painted onto the superstructure by accident. You can pay others to painstakingly paint your ships but that can be very expensive for an entire fleet or game set. With these decals, there are no more worries about the final look and feel of your ships. Now it is easy to produce game pieces like a pro, and you can paint as many pieces as you want and every one will look great.

These are sold in fleet sets that include deck decals for all the naval game pieces for the selected country and game version. Some examples:

The Italian Europe 1940 set – 26 ships in all.

The German 1941 Anniversary Edition set – 42 ships in all.

The French Europe 1940 set – 18 ships in all.

The US 1941 Anniversary Edition set – 48 ships in all.
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