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Author Topic: Tips on countering Axis aggression? (1941 scenario)  (Read 72 times)
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« on: January 13, 2018, 06:18:32 am »

Let me preface by saying we opt out of technology and national objectives.

Our 1941 games tend to go the same way, always resulting in axis wins.

send 2 subs, 1 fighter, 1 bomber to sz2 to take out the battleship & transport, land plans in Norway
Send everything that can reach to baltic states to guarantee taking Karelia factory G2.
send everything that can reach (except that bomber) to Egypt to make taking Egypt easy for Italy (note, a UK fighters usually survives)
Make other minor moves.
Fortify France.
2 fighters in SZ61 take out UK destroyer & transport in SZ35
other ships in SZ61 take out US destroyer & transport in SZ50
4 fighters in SZ57 take out  US destroyer & transport in SZ56.
Japan uses all other resources to easily take 2 to 4 chinese territories, kwangtung, bornea, burma, & east indies leaving many options open for J2 like taking more of China, The Philippines, or India.

I1: take Egypt if Germany didn't, Trans-Jordan if they did.

So, what can the allies do to counter this, considering Axis takes out 4 transports and cripples UK income?
Does Russia fortify or abandon Karelia? If they fortify, should UK be landing fighters there?
Does UK build a factory, and if so, where? If not, ships or planes?
What should US be doing? So far, the best US strategy by far has been 100% bombers, but that's boring...
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